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ZEDI FORDER SUPERIUM >>> Judgement (Metal) (Album)

by Zedi Forder Superium

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Lute FP Holy shit. I’ll report back when I have properly absorbed this, but if you love heavy music and want to hear something different but hugely accessible, listen to this. Some kind of hardcore, death, thrash, industrial, and/or who the fuck knows. Oh, this one got me bad.
Fight! …the butchering…monopolies Bite…the feeding hand…the silhouette never again, never again most of their crimes out of sight, to help you sleep softly tonight to be fair …for the chance…to be right (yes to be fair…fight for the chance…just to be right) though there is nothing but sin, the corporates keep reeling you in are you blind…are you mad…are you both (now are you blind…now are you mad…or are you both) Proof…you must wait…they must show Now!...quality for cash…no no, nothing else Wherefore art thou slaves
If i can have no joy, then you shall find no peace you're running out of time, so i proclaim that... ...no...enemy...of humanity...will be spared feel every ounce of justice, cut through your soul as the humbled raise their voices, i proclaim that... ...no...enemy...of humanity...will be spared so much poverty, so little balance the right choice is in front of you, yet you continue to choose poorly you have one hundred years, to turn yourselves around a century of change, or lifeless underground you have one hundred years, a turning of the tide a century of change, or i proclaim that...
Knock Knock 03:07
I place my trust in you…I place all of my trust...in you will do! Do what must be done…You all will do what must be done till they succumb Lead....follow i will lead you all to hell…and you will follow cos you must and purity will follow sin…and you all know the cause is just I will lead you all down, into the depths and you all will follow cos you must and you know that your light will blot out the dark and you all know the cause, it is just I just ask you to stay close to me or the loneliest end it will be Lead....follow...go
Fight evil with intolerance Freedom’s always sold in a packaged state, wrapped up in a shroud of falsehoods the brave and the mad- ordered to deploy by men, unwilling to risk themselves this time our path is true, they say as bile mixes with words you play your part and allow them the power oh, so....weak a warlord in suit and tie, may not be easy to see in their wake, a trail of suffering, will bring the poor to their knees fight evil with intolerance failure to identify the fallen man, who wears his flaws on his sleeve ascension is the fault of the common man, too blinded by self-interest to see. --fight evil with no mercy
I search for the best examples…my heart open to the light, low brow easiest to find here, why, why? your past, offers a variety…your best lost inside a maze such wonder, just beneath the surface…raise your standards Patuwee, you think you're gonna spit in my mouth What scum keeps it at the very top…what reason can there ever be I see gold in them their eyes…twinkle twinkle fool How can they be offered something greater…you treat wonder as a curse you have a duty to live up to…don't make me spank your bottys Patuwee, you give the people just what they want There can be no road…no life…Without the penitence of the wicked You are all mine now Patuwee, you think you're gonna spit in my mouth Patuwee, you give the people just what they want
Noisy 03:23
There can be no stars in the sky…no one needs to know about it De-platform, take away their means to flourish…to build yourself a lovely home No, you do not have the right…No, to take away the fight No, let this be real clear…No, you're not welcome here filth! villainy! As they lay their heads to rest…The stage becomes a vibrant place But their dreams are pocked by profit…the antithesis of a selfless man I, I just like to wander Through, through the streets at night Hear, hear the angels calling An echo of the past life oh woe is me woe is me
Awake 04:48
My name means…something greater than you realise it's my task to divide them all…into categories of smaller lies it's not so easy to be fake, no?..but you should try for your own sake, yes? When your faults start to outweigh…all the goodness that I'm sure's inside "Do you feel, elated, paraded, subjugated" "Do you feel, elated, paraded, suffocated" I went through it all, dont make me a liar, i put you up high, you wanna go higher, your tone fucking please, a chance to recieve, i want you as you want me bold justice new way The last line…to be crossed at the end of time moving slowly, neither forward nor back…even the weak must take some of the slack they say that violence is a mans game…but to support is a womens shame how many monsters can turn their heads…and find the fairer sex in their beds And let the world begin…to find...the truth and let the sides relent…to live, to love for if your hearts hold still…your mind, will guide and open the gates..to a brighter life
Is this all I have left…Is there nothing else to say all the fingers in my head, they all…move the waters away cry from the steeples and love it…you are a force and no other can match it you're rising up but beware that you may…turn away from all mankind this is your real life, imagine all the time the embers fade and pass from view…i stoke the flames inside my heart i reach into the deepest pit…and pluck the ghosts from your past cry from the steeples and love it…you are a force and no other can match it you're rising up but beware that you may…turn away from all mankind this is your real life, imagine all the time I see your face but I don't recognise this place Reaches of fire, reaches of Kane…I am the known one reaches again long is the hour, surely amused…I am the known one, time is now up


Superium is the fellow project to Zedi Forder proper.

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Kerlshouse (Gaming & other distractions)

“The sledgehammer to Zedi Forder’s scalpel; two sides of the same coin,” this openly unique alter-ego is a far fiercer trespass on the senses and imagination, a fury of sound and thought which soon proved just as striking and compelling as its counterpart"
-- Ringmaster

“If you ignored these guys three years ago, don’t make the same mistake again"
-- Angrymetalguy.com


released May 11, 2020

-- Vocals/Drums - Chris Kerley
-- Guitar - Wayne Clifford
-- Bass - Rich Tomsett

-- Additional Guitar - Mark Carstairs (In tracks "Anthem of Justice & "Fight Evil with Intolerance")

Music & lyrics by Kerley/ZF
Produced, engineered & mixed by Chris Kerley
Guitars edited by Clifford/Tomsett/Kerley
Drum Tracking engineer - Luke Sedman
Re-Mastered by Kerley 2023

© 2020 ZF/Kerley, All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



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