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ZEDI FORDER are looking for a talented Guitarist to join the band. (7-string player/drop-A tuning, male or female welcome).
We rehearse in Woking so after someone who can get here regularly. We’re after a dedicated person and a quick learner who’s happy to get the songs down at home, happy to play live and happy to help us push the band forward, cool with multiple practices a week as required and cool with planned long-weekend tours to spread the love further afield.

Zedi Forder was started in 2015. Up to now, we’ve played memorable, melodic heavy music. Our debut album has been recorded and will be coming out June 10th, which we’re super stoked about!
But the band has a double personality and we’re heading in a DIFFERENT DIRECTION for atleast one of our future releases. It’ll be darker, heavier EP. A broad taste in rock/alt metal music will serve you well in this band because you’ve got to enjoy and be able to play material from both sides of the band. One of our tracks 'Killakarta' can be heard above. You can hear some more tracks off our upcoming album right here on bandcamp. A Demo track of the new stuff can also be heard above.

We are currently also looking for a new FRONTMAN to handle the vocals for this next step. We’re looking for someone with a cool & clear speaking voice who enjoys performing live and embraces a theatrical approach. IMPORTANTLY - The ability to sing is not as important as having great rhythm/timing which is a must when delivering the lyrics. You'll be a part of the darker newer material we put out, NOT the lighter material. There are two sides to the band, that's our thing and you'll be the front person to one of those sides.

There will be a definite element of theatricality with the next bunch of Zedi Forder material so you'll need to be up for wearing some sort of costume/mask for the live shows.
Lyrics will be substantive, social, political themes abound and will need to be delivered with a sort of judgmental authority. Always from a place of the “greater good” but delivered like a sledgehammer rather than with subtlety. Sound like fun? Does to me! We will more than likely use some kind of robotic effect on your voice live. Listen to "fight evil with intolerance demo" above to see what we're on about.

Great! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested. For interested guitarists, please send us a demo/vid of you playing. If you’re interested in being the front man please drop us a message.

You can either contact us here on bandcamp or by email at,
email – zediforder@gmail.com


released February 24, 2017



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