KERL >>> To Anybody (Alt Electronic​/​Acoustic) (Album)


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Kerl is a solo project by songwriter Chris Kerley. Writer, drummer & vocalist of UK bands An Entire Legion, Rind Skank & Tricore.

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released June 15, 2014

Written, performed & Produced by Chris Kerley (2013)



all rights reserved
Track Name: To Anybody
To Anybody

To anybody, can you hear me
Hear or see
To anybody
To anybody, twas no secret
You used it
To anybody

I’m feeling kinda strange tonight, I’m feeling kinda lost tonight

Through the waters, I can see your fate
We can all swim, hope you’re not too late

Another minute, and how sweetly
You denied me
Another minute
Another minute, shadows falling
Though we wait, another minute
Track Name: You Know
You Know

I found out a place where I can breathe
A special place to call my own
A magical carpet ride for me
A place on this earth to call my home

You know that I am there for you
So many, oh oh, so many times before
You know that I am there for you
So many, oh oh, so many times

A chance for us all to start again
No need to regret, just ride the wind
A life on the tiles won’t bring you down…yet
So open your arms and except your crown

I live…my life
Feeling strange, so fast, so fast
A leap of faith for us
And we try so hard, so hard
I live my life each day
Feeling strange, so fast, so fast
A leap of faith for us
Till we find our dreams at last
Track Name: Home Again
Home Again

Down the lonely road, understand
Following the threads which guide my hand
And I move within the motion of the wind
An immunity that calls to see it in

The fundamental truth, that we should all adhere to
Is that there’s only one of me and that there’s only one of you
But the struggle carries on though I dare not tempt fate
I know that we’re here
And that we belong

And it seems the time is right to say that we are to stay
That we’re home again, buddy you see we’re home again
And we realise through bends in time that ignorance will stay
But keep it far away, oh man keep it far away

Tend the lonely crops and yes they’ll grow
It’s written in the stars, I should know
And it takes a lot of good to succeed
And it’ll take a lot, out of you and me

Now I focus on the light, relentless pull towards the way back home
Through the shadows of my life, the endless rolling on, I stand alone
And for my son I’d gladly die, for the rest despite forked tongues I’d gladly live
And if you take things from tonight, open your heart increase the love you give

Home again a lot of ordinary people, all blissfully.